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Earnings increased

Started by Admin Sep 14th, 2020 at 10:54
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Admin (C.E.O)
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Dear members,

We increased the basic earnings so that some changes had to be made.

From now on, the profit for 30 days will be as follows:

Standard - 0.207$
Gold - 0.416$
Jade - 0.832$
Diamond - 1.664$
Sapphire - 3.328$
Pyrobux addicted - 6.656$

These statistics are calculated only from your clicks on guaranteed ptc ads.

I had to withdraw the membership package from the members, however, I allocated to the members according to the time that the packages still had, the amount of money in the balance account. I basically allocated you the money you had to collect from the guaranteed ads daily before this update. For questions, I'm waiting for you with a ticket.

Update 10 will be out soon.
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