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Update #11
Published on Sep 23rd, 2020 09:52 am

Dear members, update # 11 has been added. The changes made:

  • I increased the base amount on all ads in the PTC category now you can earn more.
  • I added 9 PTC ads in the GUARANTEED ADS category.
  • I increased the required minimum number of ads viewed from 4 to 9 (those in the Guaranteed ads category).
  • We have eliminated the PTSU type offers.
  • We have increased the prices of most purchases for "Advertisers".
  • At the end of the month, the DR and Offerwalls competitions will be eliminated for a period of time.
  • At Offerwalls there is no more coin exchange now the amount of USD is received directly.

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Update #10
Published on Sep 18th, 2020 11:12 pm

Dear members, as I announced, update # 10 has been added. The changes made:

  • The upgrade page has been changed and now much more information is provided.
  • A bonus has been added to the purchase of membership packages (the bonus is manual, so please send your ticket to receive it)
  • The system for converting points into cash has been modified so that the amount required for $ 1 is different depending on the membership package.
  • Anti-cheat ads no longer suspend members but only reduce their money (the amount is exaggerated so be careful).
  • Commissions received for referral clicks have now been enabled for all categories.
  • Withdrawal fees increased from 3% to 5%.

To make the platform more attractive we want to make the following future changes (Update #11):

We will close the following things from the platform:

  • PTSU offers
  • The PTP project (weak lack of participants)
  • Offerwalls Contest (weak lack of participants)
  • DR Contest (will be temporarily removed because we will purchase the automatic add-on from Evolution Script)

Preparations for the future:

  • We will halve the ads you will have to click daily to make a profit (We want to reach a number of SPONSORED ads between 10-15 maximum)
  • There will be only two categories SPONSORED (I and II)
  • We will increase your ad revenue by 100%. (With this increase, your profit will increase for 30 days.! Attention, the price of the membership packages will not be changed!)

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Update #9
Published on Sep 10th, 2020 08:11 pm

Dear members, 


The following changes have been made to this update:


  • First of all, we reduced the viewing time of Gold, Premium and Sponsored I, II and III commercials. 
  • The Trivia contest has been added where anyone can participate and win free promotion packages.  -
  • We introduced the 1 RR bonus for each proof of payment posted on EMS and FOXY. -
  • Due to the large number of inactive on the platform, our RR and DR distribution system does not have many resources because we added that filter so as not to receive RR and DR that do not give even 1 click, so we will add our PTP program. Because the people from Evolution script don't have an addon, that's how I have to improvise.  -

These were the changes made at the moment, but it is time to discuss what we plan for the future: 

  1. Due to the launch of our new ISXT.EU  we decided to add some simple PTSUs.
  2. In addition to the automatic profit-making system on membership packages, when we reach the number of 2500 members, we will increase our earnings by 25%.
  3. We will take into account the increase of earnings depending on the membership packages in offerwalls.


For feedback but also for proposals, please access this topic -


Pyrobux Administrator

Table of profit percentage of earnings only from sponsored ads by membership packages:
Published on Sep 05th, 2020 11:54 pm

Percentage: 10%


Standard - After 30 days members with this package will earn aprox. 0.043$ profit.

Gold - After 30 days members with this package will earn aprox. 0.0684$ profit.

Jade - After 30 days members with this package will earn aprox. 0.1368$ profit.

Diamond - After 30 days members with this package will earn aprox. 0.2736$ profit.

Sapphire - After 30 days members with this package will earn aprox. 0.5472$ profit.

Pyrobux Addicted - After 30 days members with this package will earn aprox. 1.0944$ profit.

Update #7 (Important)
Published on Sep 04th, 2020 12:10 pm
Dear members, we have good news for you.

Due to the maximum number of inactive we decided the following:

1. Starting today, the membership packages will bring profit again, it will start with a percentage of 1% and can increase up to a maximum of 50%. The process is an automatic one that takes into account the monetary activity of the last month. So this month the percentage will be 10% profit of earnings only from sponsored ads. (this change will not affect Standard members, their monthly profit will remain the same.)

2. We will reduce the referral comissions per click in membership packages because their purchase is low.

3. We reduce the earning of Standard members from 25% per click to 10% per click.

Leave a feedback on our forum in news category.

As we have expanded with the projects you can earn monthly income only from our platforms:

International Social Exchange Traffic - our new platform (Promote and earn money free)
Criobux - Our PTC project with rubles as a currency
Short.pyrobux - Our Visit Shortlink platform with BTC as currency
Castigadeacasa - Our blog with the best affiliate program

Update #6
Published on Sep 03rd, 2020 08:00 pm

The following platform changes have been made:

  • 4 new PTC ads have been added in the Sponsored categories.
  • The administrator's ad was removed and needed to be viewed to unblock the other ads.
  • The prices for the membership packages were lower because they did not fall within the 75% recovery of the money invested on the packages.
  • A new assignment filter for purchased and rented referrals has been added so that inactive ones are no longer assigned.
  • Depending on your participation in our contests, especially the Offerwalls one, we will increase your winnings.
  • Mediumpath offerwall was added.

As we have expanded with the projects you can earn monthly income only from our platforms:

Don't forget to invite as many people as possible with your affiliate link on any of the above platforms because you will only gain from them.

Promotion #2
Published on Sep 01st, 2020 01:13 pm
Special package for active members reduced by 35%

- Sapphire membership for 30 days 
- 200 RR 

Only 10.33$

The promotion will expire on 6 September 2020.

Promotion #1
Published on Aug 23rd, 2020 06:33 pm
Because we want to show you how much you can earn if you bring new members to the community we will create the following deposit offer:

 If you deposit between 0.20$ and 0.39$ we will give you bonus +5 RR
 If you deposit between 0.40$ and 0.79$ we will give you bonus +10 RR
 If you deposit between 0.80$ and 1.59$ we will give you +20 RR
 If you deposit between 1.60$ and 3.19$ we will give you +40 RR
 If you deposit between 3.20$ and 6.39$ we will give you +80 RR
 Deposit more then 6.40$ and we will give you +100 RR

Update #5 (Important)
Published on Aug 23rd, 2020 06:26 pm

As the amount withdrawn is much higher than the amount deposited, the following changes will be made:

  • The price of the membership packages will increase so that only from the ads of the admins (without commissions, etc.) you will get 75% of the amount
  • We want to promote affiliations so the more referrals you bring, the more you will gain from them.
  • At the same time, we will formalize the increase of the DR and OFFERWALL contests by 10$ each.

Update #4
Published on Aug 18th, 2020 01:34 pm

Dear members,

In this update we made this changes:

  • I gave up the SPONSORED IV category
  • Eventually, I didn't give up on the SPONSORED III category, but I moved some ads to the SPONSORED II category and added new ones to the SPONSORED III
  • Some ads in the SPONSORED II category have been moved to SPONSORED I
  • The minimum number of clicks to win from referrals has been reduced to 4
  • Earnings per day have increased, but prices for membership packages have also increased. (Those who purchased the old membership packages will make a higher profit than they expected when they bought the package)