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Announcement I
Published on Jul 06th, 2020 07:02 pm

For starters, I want to thank those who are still working on the platform. I also thank those who created tickets and told me that they did not withdraw their investment, they received their money back with a bonus in Premium Membership for 15 days free.

Thanks to everyone who understood why I made this major change. For those who did not understand I will explain once again.

Once the ROI system was removed and the new update was implemented, if I had left everyone's money in the account, the platform would have been closed because payments worth $ 1000 had to be made. I will tell you and the site statistics in the site the members invested a total of about $ 150 and payments of about $ 300 were made so the community was minus about $ 150 but I did not give up. If we left the money, the community would have reached a total of -1150 $ and I would certainly be closed. Yes, I'm also to blame because I didn't coordinate very well, but now I turned to an accountant to manage the situation so as not to close the platform.

In order not to close the platform and to thank you, I also lowered all the prices, I added instant payments so as not to wait 2-3 days and I eliminated the ROI system.


Thank you for your understanding, and to those who began to threaten and insult me ​​without being able to have a civilized conversation with them, I wish them much success because that is how I was educated. (The wickedness you want for a person can come back 10 times stronger)

Major changes
Published on Jul 04th, 2020 09:44 am

Dear members of the Pyrobux community,

As I made that announcement I want to present the new changes to the platform:

  • Advertising earnings have been low
  • Promotion costs have been drastically reduced
  • The costs for membership packages have been low
  • Membership packages have been reconfigured
  • The ROI system has been removed
  • Payments will be made automatically only through PAYEER
  • RR have been eliminated, from now on there will be only DR on this platform.


Plus many more. For questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask me.