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Update #3
Published on Aug 13th, 2020 05:53 pm

Dear members,

In this update we have modified the points system to add the points competition in the future and we have modified the winnings in the offerwalls to motivate you to complete those offers.

Points Update:

10000 Points = 1$


  • 1 Points per direct referral
  • 1 Points per ptc click
  • 1 Points per forum post
  • 2 Points per PTSU completed
  • 5 Points per dollar deposited


  • 1.5 Points per direct referral
  • 1.5 Points per ptc click
  • 1.5 Points per forum post
  • 2.5 Points per PTSU completed
  • 5.5 Points per dollar deposited


  • 2 Points per direct referral
  • 2 Points per ptc click
  • 2 Points per forum post
  • 3 Points per PTSU completed
  • 6 Points per dollar deposited


  • 2.5 Points per direct referral
  • 2.5 Points per ptc click
  • 2.5 Points per forum post
  • 3.5 Points per PTSU completed
  • 6.5 Points per dollar deposited


  • 3 Points per direct referral
  • 3 Points per ptc click
  • 3 Points per forum post
  • 4 Points per PTSU completed
  • 7 Points per dollar deposited


  • 3.5 Points per direct referral
  • 3.5 Points per ptc click
  • 3.5 Points per forum post
  • 4.5 Points per PTSU completed
  • 7.5 Points per dollar deposited


Offerwalls Update:


  • 1 Criocent = 0.001$
  • 1 Points reward for completing a task


  • 1 Criocent = 0.002$
  • 2 Points reward for completing a task


  • 1 Criocent = 0.003$
  • 3 Points reward for completing a task


  • 1 Criocent = 0.004$
  • 4 Points reward for completing a task


  • 1 Criocent = 0.005$
  • 5 Points reward for completing a task


  • 1 Criocent = 0.006$
  • 6 Points reward for completing a task

Update #2
Published on Aug 13th, 2020 12:40 pm

Dear members,

We are nou ready for future. We made some updates again and we make this platform stable. From now on, the only changes that will be made will be made only at the prices in the advertisers and membership. The rest of the prices will always remain that way.

Now let me tell you about the changes made today:

  • Sponsored categories have been added where there will be only ads placed by the administrator
  • The commission of referrals per click is now placed only on the sponsored categories.
  • Some new details have been added for both members and advertisers
  • DR limits have been added
  • The prices of the membership packages have been increased, because we also want to promote the acquisitions of DR / RR.
  • We lowered the prices at RR
  • DR prices have risen
  • The standard membership package cannot see sponsored ads III and IV

Update #1
Published on Aug 09th, 2020 08:47 pm

Dear members,

We have some news for you. Since we don't see many advertisers who want to promote their pages, we decided to add 3 offers of the month instead of one offer of the month. The benefits from the offers are chosen randomly and in the end the price is reduced by 25%. For you, loyal members of the community, we have added as many winning solutions as possible (forum contests, ad viewing, offerwalls, addons).

Below you can find the list of the latest changes to the platform:

  • New ads have been added and there are a total of 61 ads per day.
  • A system has been implemented so that when the admin adds his ads, the prices of the membership packages will increase / decrease so that the profit established only from the clicks of the ads placed by the admin will not be higher than the previously established amount.
  • For advertisers now 3 offers of the month will appear on the special packages. The offers contain randomly chosen promotional credits.

Because I prefer transparency, I will tell you how it will work with the profit maintenance system on the membership packages. I decided that the price of the membership packages should be obtained back only from the ads added by the administrator plus a small profit.

With the seniority of the community we will double the profits. This will mean that doubling the profit will increase the investment (eg the package costs 10$ and after 30 days only from the administrator's ads you earn a total of 12$, ie you get invested plus a profit) in the future will be something like the package costs 20$ and 24$ will be won.

The next target is:

  • 6 months age

View Advertisements - Changes [#1]
Published on Aug 05th, 2020 12:10 am

We added another advertisements.
For the moment we running 60 ads daily. (only admin ads are counted)

August Offer - 6.40$
Published on Aug 03rd, 2020 11:38 am

An offer in the Special Packages category has been added for only $ 6.40.


The package contains:


  • 1000 Paid to Click Credits
  • 8 Link Ad Credits
  • 200000 Text Ad Credits
  • 100000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 80 PTSU Credits

Update Platform
Published on Jul 22nd, 2020 10:10 pm


We run now the version v5.9 of the Evolution script

We increase the ads value:

  • 0.00063$
  • 0.00042$
  • 0.00021$
  • 0.00021$
  • 0.00011$
  • 0.000021$
  • 0.0000021$

After 30 days as:

  • Standard member you will get approx(only admin ads are counted) 0,125
  • Premium member you will get approx(only admin ads are counted) 0,250$
  • Gold member you will get approx(only admin ads are counted) 0,500$
  • Jade member you will get approx(only admin ads are counted) 1,001$
  • Diamond member you will get approx(only admin ads are counted) 2,002$
  • Sapphire member you will get approx(only admin ads are counted) 4,005$

We increase the membership prices:

  • Premium0,10$
  • Gold - 0,20$
  • Jade - 0,40$
  • Diamond - 0,80$
  • Sapphire - 1,60$

We count only the ads benefits. You can earn more money using our addons or completed the offerwalls.

Membership - Changes
Published on Jul 21st, 2020 07:19 pm

We added the Sapphire membership. Check your account and see the benefits.

Membership - Changes
Published on Jul 13th, 2020 08:20 pm

I listened to your advice so I decided to make some changes to the membership packages:


- Ref. Click increased from 10% to 50%


- Price was reduced from 0.08$ to 0.07$

- Ref. Click increased from 15% to 60%


- Price was reduced from 0.17$ to 0.14$

- Ref. Click increased from 20% to 70%


- Price was reduced from 0.34$ to 0.28$

- Ref. Click increased from 25% to 80%


- Price was reduced from 0.67$ to 0.56$

- Ref. Click increased from 30% to 90%


July Offer
Published on Jul 12th, 2020 09:36 am

An offer in the Special Packages category has been added for only $ 3.85.


The package contains:

  • Paid to Click Credits - 2000
  • Text Ad Credits - 200000
  • Link Ad Credits - 2
  • Banner Ad Credits - 200000
  • PTSU Credits - 10


This offer will expire on 19 July 2020.

Announcement I
Published on Jul 06th, 2020 07:02 pm

For starters, I want to thank those who are still working on the platform. I also thank those who created tickets and told me that they did not withdraw their investment, they received their money back with a bonus in Premium Membership for 15 days free.

Thanks to everyone who understood why I made this major change. For those who did not understand I will explain once again.

Once the ROI system was removed and the new update was implemented, if I had left everyone's money in the account, the platform would have been closed because payments worth $ 1000 had to be made. I will tell you and the site statistics in the site the members invested a total of about $ 150 and payments of about $ 300 were made so the community was minus about $ 150 but I did not give up. If we left the money, the community would have reached a total of -1150 $ and I would certainly be closed. Yes, I'm also to blame because I didn't coordinate very well, but now I turned to an accountant to manage the situation so as not to close the platform.

In order not to close the platform and to thank you, I also lowered all the prices, I added instant payments so as not to wait 2-3 days and I eliminated the ROI system.


Thank you for your understanding, and to those who began to threaten and insult me ​​without being able to have a civilized conversation with them, I wish them much success because that is how I was educated. (The wickedness you want for a person can come back 10 times stronger)