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ATTENTION: Changes have been made to the TOS -POINT 1- so check please !

Terms and Conditions

1.Payment and Proof Of Payments

1.1 - You can request payment after your account balance is at least 0.15$ and you visit atleast 50 PTC ads. Payments will be processed manually each morning at 07:30 server time
1.2 - If you request payment but are not eligible to receive funds or if you added the wrong code, you cannot request a refund. We are not responsible for your mistakes.
1.3 - I will attach to your payment a commission for the next coat if you do not post the last proof of payment on our forum.
          1.3.a - If you do not have the last proof of payment posted on the forum, a 25% commission will be attached to your current withdrawal. (The process of verification and registration of proof of payment on the forum will begin on 25.09.2020 will be registered.)


2. Cheats

2.1 -  With our advanced anti-cheat system, it is extremely difficult for you to cheat. If someone is caught cheating or trying to cheat, we have the right to fine their account (once the account has been banned all winnings will be passed to 0). The following aspects are considered fraudulent: interfering with our system to prevent the security and reliability of the site, creating any type of emulator or an automatic program to authorize the click process, any malicious act with our system, deception by providing false information in the subscription offers section.


3. Can be modified

3.1 - This agreement can be changed. Although we have the right to change this agreement without any prior notification to our members, we will send a notification to all our members about the new terms and / or terms that have changed. If for any reason you do not accept the changes, you must contact us and your account will be deleted.


4. Legal issues

4.1 - We are not an MLM or other type of system! We do not require you to pay any fees to join and participate in our site. We do not require that you have a website or sell any product to use our service. We do not require you to send anyone to our site to use our service. However, you must read-Understand-English! You will not get rich using our program. We are an online advertising program where you receive payment only for the work you do.
4.2 - According to the laws, the payments offered and collected by us will be of a donation type (this means that the amounts are not taxable), so you are not obliged to declare the income obtained from this site.


5. Members

5.1 - Regardless of the country of origin, all members are welcome on our site.
- If you have an inactivity of 30 days your account will be marked as inactive. You can make a request for reactivation but in this case your account balance will be reset.
5.2 - If your account remains inactivity for 90 days it will be suspended and deleted.
5.3 - If you have more referrals than the limit of your membership package, they will be removed if you do not update your package.


6. Advertising conditions

6.1 - The site must not have prognostic, racist, discriminatory, illegal, vulgar, etc. content.
6.2 - The site can be in any language
6.3 - The site must not contain or promote viruses
6.4 - The site must not contain any download dialogs or confirmation alerts


7. Spam

7.1 - We do not believe in spam and we are very strict about managing your information. The only emails you will receive are regular emails with information about updates, special site offers and site issues.


8. False promotional information

8.1 - We do not tolerate anyone who uses fake information to get directly recommended users.


9. Multiple logins

9.1 - You may not create more than 1 account per household or IP address.


10. Using proxy

10.1 - We do not allow the use of proxies to view ads on our site, and the use of a proxy / VPN will cause your account to be terminated.


11. Money back policy

11.1 - All payments are non-refundable.


12. Privacy policy

12.1 - This privacy policy concerns how we store and process user information.

12.2 - You may only use this site if you agree to this Privacy Policy.

12.3 - When you register with Pyrobux, you agree to have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not register.



1.1. Your browser must accept cookies.

1.2. Allow us to use cookies to store any session, unique identifiers, preferences or any other data that will help us, among other things, identify you as a visitor or connected member and give you the best browsing experience on the site- ours.



2.1. Your e-mail addresses will not be displayed, given or sold.

2.2. Your personal email address will only be used for Pyrobux to communicate with you and send you a new password if you request it.

2.3. Your payment processor's email addresses will only be used for us to send you the required payments and to confirm what you are buying.

2.4. Your user password will be stored in an irreversible format.

2.5. Your user password will never be displayed, sold or given.

2.6. Your account activity will be carefully monitored and recorded for quality and security purposes to give you better support and to act as an additional guarantee against any abuse. The activity / data of your account will not be freely shared with third parties under any circumstances and will not be used in any other way or for any other purpose.

2.7. The conversations between you and our support are private. You are not allowed to display them publicly.



3.1. Your username will be kept hidden by other users by default if you sign up without a referrer.

3.2. Your username will be displayed by default to other users if you sign up for a referrer.

3.3. Regardless of the default setting, you can still switch the display status at any time.

3.4. Regardless of the setting you have, your username will always be displayed on the forum.



4.1. In the forum you must have a decent language, otherwise you will be penalized.

4.2. Posts on the forum that are not related to us will be sanctioned.


For complaints or other problems you can contact us at